Golden Team Soccer

Heartland Soccer, a Scottish club based in the heart of the Highland League, has become the first Scottish team to reach the Guinness World Records for the largest number of people playing indoor soccer cleat in one game.

The Scottish team, which has played at the Scottish Football Association (SFA) St Andrew’s Ground in Perth, has now been crowned the biggest indoor soccer fan club in the world.

In a remarkable feat, the club has been able to attract as many as 8,500 fans in a match against Celtic in Perth on Wednesday, November 9.

The Glasgow club, whose motto is ‘We’re Heartland Football’ and boasts fans from all over Scotland, has been running an indoor football training facility in Perth since 2014.

According to the club, which is also a professional sports club, they were able to reach their goal because of the high number of fans who showed up to watch the match.

“We’re delighted to be the first club in Scotland to become the Guinness Records holder for the biggest crowd in an indoor soccer game,” said Paul Pugh, the chairman of Heartland Scotland.

“We’ve always loved the sport and are excited to be able to continue to develop the sport at the heartlands.”

The club’s supporters have been known to pack the ground on game days to watch their team, with more than 2,000 fans having gathered in Perth for the Scottish derby with Celtic.

The Scots have already secured their place in the Guinness Record for highest number of tickets sold, which they have now surpassed by more than 50,000, and the team will now be hoping to break that record for the next round of the Scottish Championship.