Golden Team Soccer

Brazil soccer team captain Bruno Fernandes, the player who won a record $1 million in 2016 for skin fortnaments for players, is the latest player to have his skin removed from the face of Brazil’s soccer team.

The Fortnite star, who has been banned from soccer for the past two years after his alleged involvement in a racist attack on a Brazilian player in 2016, has reportedly been ordered to remove his face.

The Brazilian media has reported that Fernandes’ face is being removed in a private clinic in Brazil’s capital Brasilia.

The player was initially suspended for six months by FIFA, who had also banned him from participating in Brazil matches in 2022 due to a possible ban from the sport.

But after Brazil’s Supreme Court upheld his ban, FIFA has ordered the athlete to remove all of his face from the team’s kit, according to Brazilian media reports.

The decision was met with outrage by the players and fans of Brazil, which had been hoping for an easy and quick resolution.

However, Fernandes insisted he would not accept a ban from Brazil’s top football league, the top flight, as he felt that he had a right to skin fortaments.