Golden Team Soccer

Soccer star Michael Ballack has just released a video for his own brand of haircuts, which are based on the haircuts in FIFA.

The soccer player, who is the face of the brand, explains in the video how they were inspired by his mother who used to grow his hair in the style of the popular football players.

“My mom used to have this style, and I think it’s because of the players.

I think they’re really popular in England and I love the way they look, I love them, I want to have them for my hair,” Ballack said.”

I want to go for a soccer ball, I have this ball, it’s a football ball, and then I have these hairstyles.

I don’t know if I’ve got the right hair, but I just want to give them to you guys.”

The brand’s hairstyles have been based on Ballack’s own hair, as well as his hairstyle of his mom growing her own hair.

The haircuts have also been inspired by the haircutes that soccer players have been sporting since the first team debuted in 1995.

The video for the video is currently up on the FIFA website and can be viewed below.

FIFA also released a statement on the video, saying: “Ballack is known for his style and looks that is as popular as his soccer playing days.”

Watch the full video below: