Golden Team Soccer

When the US women’s national soccer team returns to play a World Cup qualifier against Japan on Sunday, you’ll likely want to add some custom soccer gloves to your bag, if not just for the fact that you’re wearing a pair of custom-made gloves.

A new study from the University of Michigan finds that, at least for women, wearing a custom-designed soccer glove makes the game more enjoyable and improves overall player health, safety, and mental performance.

The study, conducted in collaboration with the University at Buffalo and the U.S. Sports Foundation, examined how the players’ hand and foot injuries related to their exposure to a variety of soccer events during the last four decades.

It found that players who were more exposed to soccer played better and had lower injuries than those who weren’t.

Players who played a variety at home in a customised soccer glove had a significantly lower risk of being injured by a player who did not wear the glove.

Those who played the most tournaments had a statistically significant lower risk.

The research has been published in the Journal of Sports Sciences.

“We found that the risk of injury in the players playing soccer during the 1980s was lower than in the current and past, which suggests that a high degree of player participation in sporting events is a good predictor of injury risk,” says Robert Sperry, the study’s senior author and a professor of sports medicine at the UB School of Medicine.

“It seems like the most likely explanation is that players’ exposure to these events has a protective effect on their body and their health.”

“We can see that the players in the study were playing against high-level athletes and that they were more likely to be injured than the players who weren”t exposed to a specific sport, Sperage says.

“They were also more likely than the athletes who were not exposed to the specific sport to be diagnosed with a concussion.

We can see there’s a direct correlation between exposure to different sports and a higher risk of concussion.”

The study found that exposure to various sports was associated with a lower risk for concussion among the participants, but the relationship was not statistically significant.

“The results were consistent across the four sports examined,” says Speria, “and they didn’t find an effect of exposure to other sports.”

The researchers also found that, while wearing a customized soccer glove decreased injury risk, the injury risk decreased significantly among the players without the glove, even after adjusting for factors such as age, education, and gender.

The researchers say that wearing a personalized soccer glove, while being more comfortable, doesn’t necessarily reduce the risk.

“There’s no evidence that playing with a custom glove reduces the risk for injury,” Speri says.

“In fact, the risk reduction appears to be due to the increased activity of the hand and feet, and the lack of contact between the glove and the player’s skin.”

“When you look at injuries associated with different sports, we found that it is important to look at the type of sport that is being played,” Spermry adds.

“Playing soccer is associated with an increased risk of injuries.”

The research was conducted in cooperation with the UBS Health Foundation, the US Department of Defense, and other organizations.

The researchers were compensated by the US Olympic Committee for their work.SOURCE: michigan university, sport, glove, custom, injury, hand, injury risk article