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The Hulkster has sued WWE for defamation, claiming that he was fired from the company because of his “hurtful and hateful” words during an appearance on a WWE TV show.

In a statement, WWE said: “Hulk Hogan’s claims against WWE are baseless.

The Hulk is confident that he will prevail in this matter.”

The Hulkster’s attorney, Marc Ecko, said he plans to file an amended complaint to claim that Hogan is not entitled to the money he was owed.

The case comes as the wrestling industry is facing the scrutiny of President Donald Trump and other critics for its treatment of female wrestlers and stars.

In his statement to the AP, Hogan said: “”The Hulk and WWE have been a great source of entertainment and support for many of my fans over the years.

WWE and the WWE Family is deeply saddened by the hurt and suffering that has been caused by the Hulkster and his words and actions.

“Hogan was fired in February 2016 after he and WWE executives said he had harassed them and threatened to sue them.

He had also been accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

In an interview with The New York Times, Hogan called the allegations “completely false and false,” and said he did not condone the conduct of any women who work for WWE.

In February, Hogan sued the entertainment company for defamation in a case that also named former WWE president Vince McMahon.

In that case, Hogan was charged with lying to the FBI.

A spokesman for WWE declined to comment.