Golden Team Soccer

Loudoun County Soccer Club will wear new uniforms in an effort to help its players feel more comfortable.

The Loudoun Soccer Club’s official website said Wednesday that the club will wear uniforms made by Adidas and the Loudoun Sports & Entertainment Group (MS&E), the largest sports apparel manufacturer in North America.

“I think we need to have the players wear something,” Loudoun’s president and CEO, Paul Condon, told WTVR.

“I think our players are really appreciative of it.”

The team will also wear a pair of white socks.

The uniforms will be worn for the 2018 season and beyond, but not for the 2019 season.

The team said the decision to change was made in order to make the team feel more “uncomfortable” and that the socks will help.

The MLS expansion team, which has a total of seven players in the starting lineup, announced plans in August to use the new Adidas uniforms.

The new uniforms were announced in February and were designed by the company.

The new uniforms will also be worn in the team’s home matches, according to the league.

The company has been under pressure to change its uniforms after players at the Loudun soccer team complained of feeling uncomfortable.

Last summer, the Loudungans fans and team owners sued the team, alleging that the uniforms were a “disgrace to our fans” and an insult to the region.

They also said they were forced to wear them.

In March, a judge ordered the team to change the uniforms, but the team appealed the ruling, saying the suit was based on outdated and unsupported theories.

The league later agreed to an arbitration process, which allowed the team and the team owners to continue to wear the old uniforms, as long as they gave fans a reason to change.