Golden Team Soccer

The Netherlands has agreed to pay €25 million to former Dutch soccer coach Eduardo Paes, who was convicted last year of abusing his position as national coach to gain a competitive advantage over the national team.

The Dutch federation has agreed that the money will be used for “health and sports science research” and will go to a charity of Paes’s choice.

The case prompted the Netherlands to withdraw its support for the World Cup, with the federation saying it had to “preserve the integrity of the sporting competition”.

Paes has admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs and said he was not aware of the extent of the use of banned substances by the team.

“It’s an open case and we are investigating it,” said the federation’s president, Jan Bakelants.

The federation said the money would be used “to support the Netherlands team to be able to compete at the 2018 World Cup”.

A former football coach at Ajax, Paes had been banned from coaching football in the Netherlands for six years after being found guilty of abusing doping rules, including the use and misuse of banned steroids and testosterone.

He was also convicted of abusing anti-doping rules in 2016.

The team won the World Under-20 Championship in 2017 and the Under-17 World Cup in 2018.