Golden Team Soccer

More than two weeks after the NCAA announced the departure of Georgia’s football program, the nation’s fourth-ranked women’s soccer team is still not ready to unveil a new uniform.

“It’s a big, big process,” Georgia’s interim women’s coach Lisa Jones said Monday.

“We’re not there yet.”

The Bulldogs will unveil a three-piece jersey at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

The first pair will be unveiled later in the day, with the third to follow within a week.

The team was scheduled to unveil its new uniforms in mid-December, but the NCAA imposed a three year delay for its decision because of concerns over safety and quality.

Georgia’s interim head coach says she still hasn’t seen the new uniformsThe NCAA issued a three years delay to the football team after the Georgia Tech game in January, which resulted in a three week delay.

Georgia coach Lisa DeMasi told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Bulldogs will reveal the uniforms to the public on Tuesday.

“I’m not going to talk about anything,” DeMasa said.

“But I will say this, I am very excited about the uniforms that we are going to unveil.”

Georgia will wear a black, long-sleeved jersey with a white stripe on the collar, a white and black-and-white graphic design, and a black-on-white back with a silver-and white logo on the back of the jersey.

The jersey is currently available for pre-order at the university’s athletics department.

DeMasi says the new jersey will be “the best” the team has worn in the past five years.

The Bulldogs announced last week that they will wear white alternate jerseys with a black logo, which the team says will be the same as the white alternate jersey.

Georgia athletic director Tom Graves says he expects the team to unveil the new uniform during the spring.

“I know we have to wait for the right time to reveal the new Georgia women’s uniform, but I know it will be on our schedule,” Graves said.

The team has already announced its first preseason games and its first game will be a home game against No. 4 Washington on June 3.

“We will unveil the Georgia women uniform on Tuesday, which will be our first official uniform unveiling since last year,” Graves added.