Golden Team Soccer

When the game launches on March 23, FIFA 14 will mark the end of the final years of the FIFA franchise, which saw EA release the first installment back in 2006.

With the launch of FIFA 15, EA hopes to recapture some of the magic of that original game with a new iteration that, despite having the name of its last game changed, retains a lot of the core gameplay and story elements of the original.

While the story and gameplay of FIFA 14 is set in a modern day soccer world, the game’s story and characters are set in the years immediately following the events of FIFA 13.

It’s a change that EA says will make the experience “a much more authentic and realistic experience” for fans.

“Our focus on authentic and authentic storytelling and the authenticity of the players is a key part of this new game,” EA executive VP Frank Gibeau told IGN at the company’s E3 press conference.

“It’s going to be much more believable to people who play FIFA and they’re going to have that authentic feeling.”