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We’ve been talking about soccer goalie for a long time now, but now we have something even more interesting.

In this case, it’s a hat-trick of goals.

This is the first time a goalie has done so, and it is one of the most impressive feats ever, with all of the points you would ever expect from a goal.

Here are the top 10 hat trick goals from the 2016-2017 season, as told by @TheRealHatsHTT: 1.


The Real Madrid goal.

The best goal in the history of the sport.

#RealMadrid — TheRealHetsHTT (@TheRealHatT) February 17, 2018 The Real Madrid goalkeeper was a little bit out of sync during the goal.

But after a little hesitation, he pulled off his hat to celebrate, and when the ball came to him, he grabbed it, scored it, and the crowd was just happy to see him.2.


The Real Ronaldo goal.

This was the goal that really started the hype around Real Madrid.

The hat trick was just the icing on the cake for the Ronaldo season, and you can bet that everyone at the stadium was singing his praises.

#MundoDeMadrid #RealMunoz — The RealHetsDT (@RealHatDT) February 18, 2018The Real Ronaldo was a total player, and a big reason for the team’s success this season.

He also scored a hat tip to his coach, Carlo Ancelotti, for getting him to score the hat trick, and to Ronaldo himself for helping him make it happen.3.


The Real James goal.

A lot of hat tricks have a little twist to them.

The goal that James scored against Juventus was also the one that had the most fans singing his name, even though he scored the goal on his own.

#Madrid vs. Juventus pic.:// — TheMadridHatsDT (@TheMadridHatT