Golden Team Soccer

A new product from soccer players’ kit maker Adidas aims to turn soccer into an Olympic sport by making the sport more affordable, with a new line of kit aimed at players who don’t necessarily have access to professional clubs or the best players in their country.

Adidas, based in the Netherlands, announced Wednesday that the Soccer Soccer Kit (SSK) line will go on sale in the U.S. on March 1.

The new line includes three kit styles: the Adidas Soccer Academy, a sport-specific kit for players in high school and college, the Adidas Pro Soccer, a kit with more professional options, and the Adidas Professional, a more affordable version of the kit.

Adidas said the new line will help players make the jump from playing soccer to playing a sport, and will also make the soccer experience more affordable.

The Adidas Pro soccer kit, which will be sold in stores, will cost $75, Adidas said.

The SSK line will come in five colors, including the black and white of the Olympic jerseys, as well as a new colorway called the Orange and Red, which is black and orange.

Adidas says the new kit will also be available in different sizes, as it is now.

The Soccer Academy and Pro Soccer kits are the first time Adidas has made a soccer kit in color.

The soccer kits will also come with a number of accessories, including a soccer stick, a soccer ball, and a soccer mask.

Adidas Pro kit owners can buy the Soccer Academy or Pro Soccer kit for $100.

Adidas also has a soccer helmet for soccer, which the company says will cost about $40, and an adapter for the new, soccer-specific PS4 game controller, which it said will be available for $10.

Adidas is also bringing the new Soccer Academy line to the U, which comes in two sizes: a $125 kit that will go for $115, and another $150 kit that is only available at the company’s U.K. store.

Adidas has also launched a new soccer-themed mobile app for Android and iOS.

The app, which has been in the works for a few months, lets soccer fans find the best soccer gear in their local stores and get more out of their soccer team by recommending brands like Adidas, Adidas Originals, and Nike to their friends.

The official Soccer Academy app for iOS will be made available to Apple devices on March 14.

The company is also rolling out an Adidas Origians football apparel collection, which includes jerseys and shorts, as the first to offer the soccer gear for soccer.

The latest Adidas Pro kits will come out this year.