Golden Team Soccer

WASHINGTON — The U.K.’s Women’s National Team will wear white Nike socks in a bid to improve its image and brand image with male fans and the world at large, the U.N. announced Friday.

The team will wear its Nike Swoosh and the Nike Heat Shield socks during all of its matches, as well as the U-17s and U-20s soccer matches, U.

Ns. ambassador on women and children’s issues, Linda Mascarenhas said.

The Adidas team will not wear Nike socks during the Olympics, as Nike’s socks are not used in the Olympics.

Mascarenis said that while she did not want to make any statements, the Nike Swoshes and Heat Shields would be used in games, but they would be worn as accessories.

The socks, which are similar to Nike’s Nike Dunk, are the only white socks on the U.-17 team and the U 20s team, Mascareras said.

“The Nike socks will provide a more positive image of the U.”

Mascareresd announced the change in a letter sent Friday to the International Olympic Committee, the International Federation of Athletics Federations and the United States Olympic Committee.

It was signed by U.J. Smith, director of the Olympic Sports Marketing Agency and director of Nike’s global sports marketing and brand communications.

“Nike’s socks offer an alternative for fans who may not wish to wear socks, and their inclusion in the Olympic program, with their distinctive design and comfort properties, is a great idea for Nike,” Smith said in a statement.

“We are excited to help our sport grow and attract new fans in an increasingly gender-saturated world.”

The U.L.S.’s Adidas Swooshi socks, a lighter, white sock with white socks, will be used for all women’s soccer matches.

The U-23s will wear black Nike socks and the men’s soccer teams will wear Nike Heat Shields.

The United States’ U-21s will use Adidas Nike Swooshes.

The Nike Swokys are made of a special polymer that is more durable than typical socks and will last longer than regular socks.

Nike is expected to begin selling the Swoons at its retail stores this summer.

The Swoshe socks are made in China and are made with a special coating that helps to retain the moisture from the sock, according to Nike.

The shoes are also made from a special material called elastane, which is a natural material that is less likely to snag.

The Elastane socks are also lighter than normal socks and have a more supple feel.

The U-19s will be wearing the Adidas Heat Shield, which has a light blue upper, yellow accents and a blue and white sole.

The shorts will be made of cotton.

The Women’s World Cup, which kicks off next month in Russia, has drawn criticism for its lack of women’s players and for the exclusion of a number of players from the roster of players representing the U17 and U20 teams.

The Olympic Committee has not said how many of the players who have been invited to play will be part of the squad.

The selection of women has been criticized by some U.s.

Soccer officials, including U.C.

L’s coach, Megan Rapinoe.

The United States women have not had any players selected for the team since 2012, when the U14s team qualified for the Olympics but missed out on a berth to Russia.

The team has been on a World Cup run in 2017 and has won all four U.n. championships, including a bronze medal in the 2017 CONCACAF Championship.