Golden Team Soccer

Belgian soccer player Victor Montemayor died Sunday after falling from a roof of a hotel in Brussels, authorities said.

Montemayo, 28, was visiting the city from France when he fell, according to Belgian media reports.

He was taken to a hospital but died on Sunday.

The cause of Montemeyer’s death is unknown, but a medical official said the player was conscious when he first fell.

The official also said the investigation is ongoing.

A French soccer federation spokesman told Reuters that Montemyor was an experienced player who had been at the club since 2008.

The French soccer association said Montemiey had been involved in several youth competitions.

In 2013, Montemiyar was a member of the team that won the European Championship.

In an interview with Belgian media, Montiemayo told local media that he had been “a player with an international profile, a player who played for many countries, including Belgium.”

A French media outlet, Le Soir, said Montiemo had been in contact with the Belgian authorities before his death and that the club was offering condolences to Montemaya.

Montemoayor’s parents, Fabrice and Antoine Montemuyer, said in a statement on Sunday that their son died from injuries sustained when the building fell.

They also said he had suffered a broken pelvis and ribs.

They also said Montemoayo had suffered from a medical condition called a hypothermia, which was a condition that causes the body to freeze or cool down.

In 2015, Montemooy was suspended by the Belgian Football Federation over allegations of doping.

The federation said the charges were unfounded.