Golden Team Soccer

A leading retailer of soccer balls, pngs and DVDs is launching its first-ever premium online store on Jan 2, a first for the company.

Fox Sports USA will be the first soccer shop in the U.S. to offer premium soccer content, including Puma’s World Cup 2014 and Sky Sports’ 2018 World Cup coverage, according to a statement from the company released late Friday.

The Puma World Cup ball, a World Cup 2015 product, is priced at $129.99 and features a Puma logo on the heel.

It is available for preorder on Fox Sports’ online store.

The Puma 2017 soccer ball is priced $149.99.

The Sky Sports 2018 World Series coverage is also available for $79.99, with both items priced at US$19.99 per item.

Puma and Fox Sports declined to provide details on how the company is building its catalog of soccer products.

The soccer brand was founded by former USMNT midfielder John Pugh in 1999.

Predicting a new era of soccer fans, the Puma store will be located in the city’s Midtown section, which is home to Fox Sports, which has a major presence in the area.

It will be a third-generation store that will be owned by Fox Sports and is the first in the country to offer a dedicated soccer store, said Pugh, whose company has more than 100 stores across the U, Europe and Asia.

Pugh said his company will have “more than 50 percent of the market,” and that it is looking for “a dedicated, fast-growing, and innovative retailer” to drive its growth.

The online store will focus on the soccer product line and will focus exclusively on the Pumas, Puma and Puma Footballs, which are products that have been a staple of the sport since the 1920s.

Puma is one of the most popular soccer brands in the world, with Puma Sportswear, Pumás and Pumals playing a major role in sports apparel, footwear and accessories.

Fox Sports also sells soccer balls and apparel, and is expanding into sports betting and digital media.