Golden Team Soccer

Soccer players will be in for a treat when Fortnites new indoor skin, the Soccer Skin Fortniti, hits shelves in the US.

The skin features a unique shape, which is designed to simulate the look of a football player’s feet and hands.

It also features a specially developed leather upper and a high-tech visor, with the top down to simulate a goalkeeper’s helmet.

The player has an exclusive skin texture, which will allow players to take advantage of the full range of Fortnits soccer features, including the customisable skins.

The new skin, which comes with the player in the player slot, will cost £199.99 in the UK, and is available to pre-order now.

The Fortnited team are hoping the skin will be a big hit with fans of the series, and the team are also working on new skins for their other games, including Fortnit.

The company also revealed that it has launched the online portal for all of its other games.

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