Golden Team Soccer

A controversial decision by the United Soccer Coaches Association (USACA) that allowed the federation to allow the US women’s national team to play its friendly against Romania at home in March has led to a backlash from the federation’s women’s team.

The US women were not invited to Romania, which was the second-tier nation when the friendly was played, due to scheduling issues.

Instead, they played the friendly in Toronto against New Zealand, with the USWNT winning the match 1-0. 

However, the federation decided to allow Romania to play their friendly against the US at home after the US Soccer Federation (USSF) rejected the decision, which came amid a scandal involving the federation itself, a lack of transparency and a lack a plan to deal better with the situation. 

The USWTS’ women’s roster was not even fully approved until a week before the game and was only approved in March, the day after the tournament began. 

“When you go to a friendly, there is a certain amount of scrutiny that you have to meet in order to get on the field,” US Soccer president Sunil Gulati told the Washington Post. 

In an email to the Post, Gulati claimed that the US team was “fully vetted and vetted well.” 

“As a result of that vetting process, we did not allow our team to compete in the game,” he added. 

On Monday, Gulini told reporters that he was “100%” behind the decision to allow USA’s women to play in Romania. 

At the time of the USWC announcement, the USSF had not responded to multiple requests for comment from the Associated Press. 

According to Gulati, the decision was made on “a business-level” and that it was a “difficult one to make” for the federation. 

Gulati said the federation would “rethink the decision” and will continue to work to ensure the US WNT’s participation in the 2018 World Cup. 

US Soccer, which had initially been planning to host Romania at the World Cup in Russia in 2019, has said that it will not be hosting the tournament in the future. 

Following the decision by USACA, US Soccer also released a statement on the federation and the issue. 


In light of the fact that the World Wide Soccer Federation and the US Women’s National Team were not allowed to compete for the first time in Romania in 2019 due to the scheduling issues, and in light of how the situation has been handled by the USSA, we will not go forward with a 2019 USW-Romania friendly,” the statement said.