Golden Team Soccer

Nike and Adidas will sell their soccer cleat brands to FIFA’s executive committee in 2019, according to an executive who is close to the matter.

The news came as FIFA officials announced their intentions to sell Adidas and Nike Sport to a group led by the president of the International Olympic Committee, Jerome Valcke, who was appointed in July 2018.

Valckelke was elected president in March 2018.

Nike, which is based in Germany, has struggled to regain its footing after years of declining sales.

Nike’s sports shoe division, which includes the Air Max and Jordan, has been struggling to meet demand.

Adidas, which has been known for its athletic shoes, has also struggled to maintain a high profile following a lack of big-name athletes competing in the 2018 World Cup.

The companies announced the sale to FIFA last month.

Valkke said last week that Adidas had signed a three-year deal worth around $2 billion.

Adidas has already said it will remain with the International Federation of Basketball Federation (FIFA), the governing body of soccer, which governs tournaments and other events in South America and Asia.