Golden Team Soccer

After a year of being a player on the rise, the NBA is now back on the front lines of sports and technology.

The NBA is making a big splash with its announcement this week that it will be releasing a new social media app.

It is called NBA TV, and it will allow fans to watch NBA games on a variety of devices from phones to tablets.

The app will be free for everyone to use, and fans will be able to sign up to watch games on its new app.

 It is an interesting move from the league, which had been working on its own social media platform for some time.

For example, the league had been using its own app for its official site for some years.

Now, it is finally going to get the opportunity to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

The fact that the league is trying to compete in this space makes sense, especially as the NBA looks to be heading into the next decade of its growth.

The league is also taking the lead on this new platform.

The league is looking to use it to create new and more exciting content for fans.

For instance, this new app is expected to include content that includes live games, live studio footage and live game recaps.

Fans can even create their own player profiles and join the league’s community to see what fans are doing on social media.

It also means the league has a platform to interact with its fans and fans of other leagues.

That means fans can find a player they want to follow on Twitter, like a player from the New York Knicks or a player of a rival team.

It also means fans will get to see how the NBA handles player trades and roster changes.

This is going to be a very exciting time for the league.