Golden Team Soccer

The women’s professional soccer team from Adelaide, Australia, has won the Women’s World Cup and a number of major honors including a $3.2 million prize.

The WSL Women’s National Team defeated Japan in the semifinals of the tournament, which will be held in England next week.

The victory will be broadcasted live on ABC’s Sports Breakfast.

It was the second time in as many years that the WSL has captured the FIFA Women’s Player of the Year Award.

The other was in 2012 when Australia beat Germany in the quarterfinals of the women’s world cup.

The win marks Australia’s fourth WSL title.

It will be Australia’s first time as the W-League champions.

The club is currently ranked second in the W.L.C. standings and has won eight of the past nine W-Lines.

Australia has a long and storied history of success in the women in the national team game.

The national team was born in 1902 and was named the WLS in 1917.

The women were the first to qualify for the World Cup, a tournament which has since expanded to eight teams.

Australian Socceroos team manager Julie Fyfe has worked as the Women and Women’s Soccer Coaches Association’s (WWSCA) head of development and youth coaching since 2005.

“It’s great to have our girls win this trophy, and we have to be proud,” Fyffes told ABC News.

“We’re proud of our players, proud of the work we’ve done with the Women Soccer Australia, and I’m sure we’ll all be talking about it.”

Australia’s win over Japan in Osaka, Japan, in the semifinal of the WL World Cup on Friday night, was the first time the national squad has won an international tournament since Australia won the 2002 World Cup.

Australia beat Japan in Tokyo by three goals in a penalty shootout.

The defeat also marked the first in a tie that had been going for more than a year.

The Japanese had won two consecutive matches to move ahead of the top-ranked WSL side, Germany.

“This is fantastic for us and we’re very proud of this team,” Fys said.

“I’m sure the whole team will be very happy.

I’m proud to be a part of this.”

The W-league also named a number to mark the occasion.

The Australian Soccer Association, the women and the WSFCA are also the first two organisations to be awarded the FIFA Futsal Player of a Lifetime Award.

“Our Futsi players are the most talented in the world and the Australian team is a great example for all women’s athletes around the world,” Australian Socceroo captain Christine Sinclair said in a statement.

“The Futsa will be recognised by the FIFA Federation as the best women’s team in the history of FIFA.”

Australia will take on England on Sunday in the semi-finals.