Golden Team Soccer

German soccer team Bayer Leverkusen announced Tuesday that it will be subject to the Bundesliga’s disciplinary system for the first time in its history.

Leverkusens first-ever suspension comes in the form of a fine, a ban from the Bundesliga, and a one-match suspension.

The club was first fined in the summer of 2018 for failing to abide by the league’s code of conduct, which required the club to report any violations within 24 hours.

Leverhausen has had multiple fines levied against it since that time, and was recently fined for failing a test in 2018 for using banned substances.

Leverhoff’s punishment came in November, the same month Leverkusenes suspension was handed down.

Leverhans initial suspension was a suspension from the national team and a two-game ban, but the club has since been given a two year ban for the alleged violation of its code of practice.

Leverhaussens first ban was in October of 2018, and the club subsequently suspended its players and coaches for a total of six months.

It’s the third consecutive suspension for Leverkusenhans violation of the code of ethics.

Leverbach, Bayer Leverbach and Bayer Leverhausens were the first German soccer teams to be sanctioned by the Bundesliga in the wake of the 2018 World Cup.

Leveraussen was fined a total $60,000 for a violation of a national team code of behavior, and Bayer was fined $25,000.

The fines were reduced to $10,000 in 2019 and $5,000 each year thereafter.