Golden Team Soccer

The Canadian adidas Soccer Shoes Company is launching its newest line of soccer shoes on Amazon, where they’re set to sell for just $199.

The shoes are made by the adidas Group and are available for pre-order in Canada at the time of this writing.

These shoes are sold exclusively on Amazon Canada.

Adidas says these shoes are manufactured by the world’s largest adidas shoes brand, which is based in Toronto, Ontario.

“These shoes are designed with performance in mind.

They are engineered to deliver true performance in every position,” the adids wrote on its Amazon page.

“The shoes have a cushioning, high-top and a low heel design.

The high-tops feature a high arch and heel-cap.

The low-top is designed to deliver a snug fit, while the heel-capped version has a low arch and is designed for easy grip.”

The shoes will be available in black, brown, grey, green, purple, and pink.

You can pre-purchase these shoes on the adidans website, but they’re available in white, black, grey or purple.

They’ll be available for purchase starting on May 6, 2017.

The adidas website says these sneakers are made to be worn on the field, in a variety of styles.

“The soccer shoe is designed with a variety to fit any athlete.

Its midsole provides superior stability and strength while the outsole offers extra support,” the website states.”

You can choose from several colors including red, grey and orange, with the colors ranging from black to green, yellow and red.”

Adidas has partnered with Sportswear brand, Nike, to offer these soccer shoes.

The partnership is meant to help “build a more diverse market” for Adidas’ products, according to a statement.

“In addition to sportswear, the adiks soccer shoes also include adidas’ new Flyknit technology, designed to improve comfort and durability,” the statement said.

“This technology provides the best combination of performance, comfort and fit.”

The adids shoes are available in the following colors:Black, Brown, Grey, Green, Purple, and Pink.

You can preorder the shoes here.

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