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Tottenham Hotspurs defender Hugo Lloris has warned his club’s players that a defeat to Everton will put their title hopes in doubt, while Everton defender Dejan Lovren has been criticised for his side’s inability to play with purpose.

Lloris said: “I think we need to win this game.

I don’t think we’ve been doing enough to win the game.”

We need to have confidence, but I’m not so sure that we have the quality that we need.

“I’m not too sure that Everton have the intensity, the hunger, the drive that we should be able to have.”

When we get a chance to win it, I think that will put us in the right frame of mind.

“Everton manager Ronald Koeman has admitted he is concerned about his side not being able to match Tottenham’s level of intensity and determination.

Speaking on Tuesday, Koeman said: ‘It’s a good chance for us, it’s a big chance for Everton.”

There are two games on Sunday, a tough game for the other team and the chance to go and beat Everton.

We have to be happy with our performance, that we’ve got our game plan and we’re confident of winning that game.’

Everton defender Dejvadi Lovren is also criticised for their defensive performance after their 2-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotsps in the Champions League.

Koeman, who is also a Manchester United fan, said: I’m surprised they [the Spurs players] didn’t come and help us a little bit.

“If we want to go in the next game, we have to give everything to win that game.’

The boys don’t give a fuck.’

They’ve been training with the intensity that we’re giving them, so we need that to happen.’

When they come to training, they give it everything and it’s hard to match.”

Not happy’Everton were booed off the pitch after their disappointing 1-0 defeat to Manchester United in the Premier League.

The Dutchman said: The boys are not happy.

We’ve had a good couple of games, but we’ve had some problems.

‘I don’t want to say we’ve not done enough to beat them.’

But the only way to fight is to play.

‘When we play against them we’ve to be aggressive and play well, because they’ve been playing well.’

Lloras says Everton have been ‘not good’ against Tottenham over the last two seasonsAnd Koeman also said: We need to be focused, we need the right mentality.

‘We have to work hard, because we need a result.’

You can’t win a game without being good, you have to play well and try to win games.’

It’s not good enough for us.’

Everon striker Dejan Lloras has been named in England’s squad for Euro 2016