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A big dance is always a possibility, but the NCAA has given the college game’s most prestigious program a long list of requirements.

The Big Dance is the NCAA tournament.

The rules of the game are set in stone, and they have been for the past century.

Now, however, the rules of basketball’s Big Dances are changing.

This time around, the Big Dance will be held on Feb. 5 at the University of North Carolina.

Here are the key dates:1.

The NCAA tournament begins at the same time every season.2.

It will be played in the same building as the College Cup, which is a championship game between two teams that will be seeded by the national champion.3.

The tournament will be on a neutral field.4.

The winners of the Big Dancers will earn an invitation to the NCAA championship game.5.

If there are no Big Dance winners, the NCAA’s Tournament Committee will choose the top-seeded team.6.

The game will be broadcast live on ESPN and the CBS Sports Network.7.

The top two seeds from the two conference tournaments will advance to the national championship game, with the top two teams from the other two conferences advancing to the Sweet 16.8.

The national champion will face the runner-up in the NCAA Tournament.9.

The winner of the NCAA Championship Game will receive a spot in the 2019 Final Four.10.

A bowl game will not be played, and the national champions will be awarded the College World Series title.11.

If a school doesn’t win the NCAA title game, the College Championships will be decided by the regular season’s final three teams.12.

The 2018 Final Four will be the last one, and only two teams will be allowed to advance to face each other for the title.13.

The final four teams will advance directly to the Big Eight tournament.14.

A conference championship game will also be played.15.

The National Invitation Committee will be comprised of the five presidents and all 10 members of the Committee of the Whole.16.

The Committee of The Whole will be made up of the presidents, the athletic directors, the presidents of the individual schools, the chancellor and all of the other members of each school.17.

The committee will be required to vote on the selection of the winner of a national championship.18.

The selection of a winner of this year’s Big Ten tournament will have to be ratified by the entire membership of the Conference of Presidents, which includes the presidents and the NCAA Executive Committee.19.

If the committee votes in favor of the selection, the member schools will receive the next best choice.20.

If it votes against the selection in favor, the school that doesn’t receive the best choice will have the next worst choice.21.

The president will then make a final decision.22.

If any member schools still aren’t on the final list, the National Invocation Committee will then select a replacement.23.

If that replacement isn’t in the final cut, the committee will make a second decision.24.

The second decision will be based on who is currently in the Final Four and the two best-seated teams in the other three tournaments.25.

If neither of those teams gets to the Final 4, the selection committee will select a fifth member, and that will take the place of the fourth member from the previous selection.

If there are any changes, those changes will be announced in a press conference on Feb, 7 at 2:30 p.m.


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