Golden Team Soccer

With the arrival of the World Cup, soccer is back and bigger than ever.

So who invented it?

Here are the six most notable names.1.

Ferdinand Bosch Ferdinand Bosen was a pioneer in soccer technology.

He invented the ball and the goal, and helped develop the ball’s use in international play.

He even invented the technology to convert soccer balls into a ball.2.

Josef Patej Josef Pepa was an early proponent of the ball, and his ideas are still being used today.

He developed the idea of a ball that could bounce at different speeds to make it harder for opposing players to get on top of it.3.

Walter Fong Walter Fok, a German mathematician and mathematician from the Netherlands, was also a pioneer of the idea.

He helped develop a technique for making balls that bounce at a constant speed.4.

Jürgen Schuster Jürg Schuster was a German physicist who developed the concept of a sphere and a sphere of radius.

He also developed the technology that gave rise to the idea that an object was made of two points and an axis.5.

Ferdinand de Menezes Ferdinand de Mejia, an Argentine soccer coach who played for both Argentina and Argentina, was an innovator of the soccer ball, which was introduced to the game in 1903.

He played in the World Cups and Olympics and created soccer balls that were used in international competitions.6.

Josep Rivette Josep Ferdinand Rivetz, a Portuguese scientist, helped develop ball technology that was later used in football, basketball and soccer.

The technology allowed for ball bounces that were harder to hit than those of earlier soccer balls.