Golden Team Soccer

The adidas Soccer shorts have become the fashion statement for the A-League.

The brand has made it clear they want to be at the forefront of what is a very young market and that’s why they’re pushing out their newest range.

The shorts have a retro look and the material is soft, lightweight and breathable.

“We wanted to create a brand that’s comfortable, that feels good and has a timeless feel,” said James Smith, adidas senior director of marketing.

The adios have become a go-to outfit for soccer players, but the shorts were also the perfect companion for the rest of us.

The design is simple and simple to use.

You put your foot in the right place and you can move your foot with the right foot.

The top part of the shorts is cut with a stretchy material that can be easily adjusted and loosened.

It also has a rubber bottom that you can put on the inside of your socks to keep them in place while you’re walking around.

When you wear the adios, it feels like the material isn’t flimsy, so you’re not pulling your socks down and making yourself look like you’re trying to get a quickie before a game.

There’s a lot of fun and comfort about it, too.

The only downside is the cost.

The $199.99 price tag makes the adidas MLS shorts the priciest soccer pair in the game.

But the team is confident it will be worth it.

“The quality is very high,” Smith said.

“It’s got the quality that people want to wear and the comfort.

It’s a very unique style and a very versatile style that people will love.”

The Adidas MLS shorts are also available in different colour combinations.

The Adidas Soccer shorts are available in black, red, yellow, pink and purple.

The range also includes other popular colours, such as white and pink, and is available online for $99.99.

The new Adidas Soccer styles are also on sale in Australia through adidas online store.

To find out more about the new adidas adios and the soccer styles available in Australia, visit

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