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Live TV Ratings may be falling in the United States this year, with ESPN pulling all its sports shows.

But that doesn’t mean that the ratings for ESPN, which is the largest pay-per-view network in the world, are going to fall.

On Sunday night, ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” averaged a 0.6 rating among adults 18-49, down 0.3 percent from last year.

ESPN’s NFL Sunday Night Football averaged a 1.5, up 0.9 percent from 2016.

“The Muppets,” which aired on CBS, also dropped to a 0-for-6 rating, down 22 percent from the season last year, and its season finale was down by 10 percent.

The falloff from last season has coincided with the rise of the NBA and NHL, which are both airing their games at home.

Ratings for the NBA on ESPN have averaged 1.2 million viewers in the U, down 17 percent from a year ago.

Last season, NBA viewership averaged 3.1 million viewers, up 13 percent from 2015.

The NFL has averaged 6.4 million viewers on ABC this season, up 15 percent from 2014, while the NHL has averaged 3 million viewers for the season.

The NHL has not averaged more than 2.1 billion viewers this season.

“Sunday Night Football,” which drew 3.8 million viewers last season, has averaged 2.4 billion viewers, down 11 percent from its 2014 ratings.

“Monday Nights Football” on CBS averaged 1 million viewers this year.CBS has said that the NHL season will end on Oct. 31, which coincides with the season finale of the ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy,” which will air on Oct 26.

The “Sunday Football” ratings were down 10 percent last season.

ABC is expected to air “Grey” on Oct 25, but no specific date has been announced.