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RTE’s Soccer Referee in Hot Seat: ‘It’s not good enough’ article The Irish referee is now in hot water for his decision to award a penalty to Ireland’s Luis Robles in the World Cup qualifier against Germany.

The game was played in Stadio Olimpico, the venue that hosts the World Championship.

Robles received a free kick in the first minute of the game and was judged to have committed a foul.

The referee then awarded a penalty, and that’s when it was clear the referee did not understand what was going on.

When the game resumed, it was reported that the referee was having problems with his communication and he was forced to leave the pitch.

After a discussion, the referee told the German national team players that the decision was not his to make.

However, the Irish team were not happy with the decision and, in a video posted on social media, they demanded an apology from the referee.

The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) and IRFU Executive Board have called on the referee to step down.

However they said the decision did not breach the Official Code of Ethics.

The IRFU said the issue had been addressed with the Irish Rugby Players’ Association.